Windsor Express

A new name for Green Line!

We are delighted to announce that a fleet of brand new buses will accompany a new name for our Green Line 702 and 703 services.

Green Line 702 will become London Line 702 and Green Line 703 will be come Flight Line 703.

The buses will be decked out in the familiar green of the previous Green Line 702 and 703 services to help you to easily adapt to the name change and spot your buses around the area.

Windsor Express services

The routes will both carry the tagline ‘Windsor Express’ on the side to reflect the common sections of the 702 and 703 routes between Legoland, Windsor and Slough which remain completely unchanged following timetable improvements earlier in the year. 

The new state of the art British double deck buses built by Alexander Dennis will have many attractive features to appeal to existing and new users - or even royalty.

These include:

  • seat-back USB and wireless charging points
  • free WIFI
  • coffee shop style flooring
  • comfy high back seats
  • tables on both decks.

They will also have a glazed staircase and roof lights to allow more natural light as well as an upstairs ‘air chill’ system to help keep you all cool on warmer days.

There is a full automated next stop audio/visual announcement system; external destination announcements; and a driver PA system to help with diversions such as the changing of the guard in Windsor.

The Flight Line 703 buses will have an additional luggage rack to ensure that if you are using these vehicles to get to the airport for holidays and trips you'll be able to store your luggage more easily.


The routes and timetables have not changed, but you can find all the information here.


The fares have also not changed - and you can still take advantage of the £2 single fare on either of the Windsor Express services - find out the full details on fares here

We will be updating all information over the coming weeks with the new names including the current Green Line 702 app.

We just ask that you are patient whilst this happens as existing Green Line naming will remain in place in the short-term in certain places, but will be phased out soon.