We're here for you

4 weeks ago Tue 3rd Nov 2020

We’re here for you

… just like we always have been

In the current climate, and with another lockdown on the horizon, there’s a lot of things we ‘can’t’ do. So, to lift everyone’s spirits at this time, we decided to give you something you ‘can’ do. You ‘can’ travel with us – because despite lockdown, we’re going to continue to run a full service!

We know that even in these most challenging times, our lovely customers still need to go to work, visit essential shops, and go to school, college and university, that’s why we pledge to maintain our normal services until the government tells us otherwise. This means plenty of buses to get you to where you need to go.

Our buses are now cleaner than ever and we are proud to have been granted the 'Good to Go' certification from Visit England. This proves our commitment to following Government and industry best practice guidelines around Covid-19 measures.

Click here to find out what measures we have in place to ensure that travel with us is as safe as possible.

We can’t wait to welcome you on our buses during our next lockdown – don’t forget your face mask!

Save money however you travel

Your travel habits may have changed, but the need to have money hasn’t! However you travel with us, there’s a ticket to save you money – even if you don’t use our buses that often. Click here for information on what tickets you can buy to save money.