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Wokingham Road (Three Tuns) to Tilehurst (Water Tower) via Cemetery Junction, Central Reading, Oxford Road

Duke Street (King's Road) stop ME

21st Jun onwards

Due to the redevelopment work at the former "Jackson's" department store it has become necessary, on safety grounds, to suspend the Duke Street (King's Road) stop ME bus stop. lion 4 and X4 and purple 17 will, for the time being, use the adjacent stop MF instead. We are sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Resurfacing - Wokingham Road

12th - 20th Aug

Resurfacing work will take place on Wokingham Road between Melrose Avenue and Crescent Road from 9.30am until 3.30pm each weekday during the period Monday 12 August until Tuesday 20 August 2019. This is due to resurfacing work by Reading Borough Council. The work will be carried out in four phases:- Phase 1 – Crescent Road – St. Peter’s Road westbound Phase 2 – Crescent Road to St. Peter’s Road eastbound Phase 3 – St. Peter’s Road to Melrose Avenue westbound Phase 4 – St. Peter’s Road to Melrose Avenue eastbound During Phases 1 and 2 the St. Peter’s Road bus stops will be out of use, please use Palmer Park Avenue or Melrose Avenue bus stops. During Phases 3 and 4 the St. Peter’s Avenue and Melrose Avenue bus stops will be out of use, please use the Palmer Park Avenue or Three Tuns bus stops instead. We are sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Closure of School Road

27th - 30th Aug

The section of School Road between Chapel Hill and Norcot Road will be closed between 9.30am and 3.30pm each day during the period Tuesday 27 August until Friday 30 August 2019. This is due to resurfacing work by Reading Borough Council. Services are affected as follows:- Sky blue 15 Towards Calcot Normal route to St. Michaels then via Mayfair to re-join normal route at Park Lane. Towards Central Reading Normal route to Park Lane then via Mayfair to re-join normal route on The Meadway. Buses will observe all bus stops on the diversion. Sky blue 15a A revised terminal loop will operate. After the St. Michael’s bus stop buses will continue via Mayfair, left Park Lane to Water Tower, U-turn and return along Park Lane then right Mayfair to re-join normal route on The Meadway. Buses will observe all bus stops on the diversion. Purple 17 Towards Water Tower From Norcot Road left Church End Lane (observe temporary bus stop), right The Meadway, ahead Mayfair and left Park Lane to re-join normal route. Towards Central Reading and Wokingham Road From Park Lane right Mayfair, ahead The Meadway, left Church End Lane and right Norcot Road to re-join normal route on Norcot Road. Buses will observe all bus stops on the diversion. Royal blue 33 A revised terminal loop will operate. Continue along The Meadway and ahead Mayfair, left Park Lane and right Berkshire Drive. Right Lower Elmstone Drive and U-turn at Dark Lane roundabout. Then normal route to Lower Elmstone Drive bus stop. U-turn at roundabout and return along Lower Elmstone Drive, left Berkshire Drive, left Park Lane and right Mayfair to resume normal route on The Meadway. Buses will observe all bus stops on the diversion. We are sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Reading West Station Bus Stops

29th - 30th Aug

The Reading West Station bus stops on Oxford Road will be out of use from 7.00pm on Thursday 29 August until 6.00am on Friday 30 August 2019. This is due to work by Thames Water. Please use the Beresford Road or George Street bus stops instead. We are sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Route map

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04:0005:00 - 05:30 - 05:50 - 06:10 - 06:2006:30 - 06:40 - 06:5007:0007:0807:1607:2407:3207:4007:4807:5608:0408:1208:2008:2808:3608:4408:5209:0009:0809:1609:2409:3209:4009:4809:5610:0410:1210:2010:2810:3610:4010:4410:5211:0011:0811:1611:2411:3211:4011:4811:5612:0412:1212:2012:2812:3612:4412:5213:0013:0813:1613:2413:3213:4013:4813:5614:0414:1214:2014:2714:3314:4014:4814:5615:0415:1215:2015:2815:3615:4415:5216:0016:0816:1616:2416:3216:4016:4816:5617:0417:1217:2017:2817:3617:4417:5218:0018:1018:2018:2518:3018:4018:5019:0019:1019:2019:3019:4019:4519:5020:0020:1020:3020:4020:5521:1021:2521:4021:5522:1022:2522:4022:5523:1023:2523:3523:4500:00 - 00:3001:0002:0003:00
04:1405:1405:2905:4405:5406:0406:1606:2606:3306:3806:4806:5406:5907:0507:1107:2307:3107:3907:4707:5508:0308:1108:1908:2708:3508:4308:5108:5909:0709:1509:2309:3109:3909:4709:5510:0310:1110:1910:2710:3510:4310:5110:59 - 11:0711:1511:2311:3111:3911:4711:5512:0312:1112:1912:2712:3512:4312:5112:5913:0713:1513:2313:3113:3913:4713:5514:0314:1114:1914:2714:3514:4314:5014:5615:0315:1115:1915:2715:3515:4315:5115:5916:0716:1516:2316:3116:3916:4716:5517:0317:1117:1917:2717:3517:4317:5117:5918:0718:1518:2018:3018:40 - 18:5019:0019:1019:1919:2919:3919:4919:59 - 20:09 - 20:2920:4720:5721:1221:2721:4221:5722:1222:2522:4022:5523:1023:2523:40 - - - 00:1400:4401:1402:1403:14
04:2105:2105:3605:5106:0106:1106:2306:3306:4106:4606:5607:0307:0707:1607:2207:3407:4207:5007:5808:0608:1408:2208:3008:3808:4608:5409:0209:1009:1809:2609:3409:4209:5009:5810:0610:1410:2210:3010:3810:4610:5411:0211:10 - 11:1811:2611:3411:4211:5011:5812:0612:1412:2212:3012:3812:4612:5413:0213:1013:1813:2613:3413:4213:5013:5814:0614:1414:2214:3014:3814:4614:5415:0115:0915:1615:2415:3215:4015:4815:5616:0416:1216:2016:2816:3616:4416:5217:0017:0817:1617:2417:3217:4017:4817:5618:0418:1218:2018:2818:3218:4218:52 - 19:0219:1219:2219:2919:3919:4919:5920:09 - 20:19 - 20:3920:5621:0621:2121:3621:5122:0622:2122:3422:4923:0423:1923:3423:49 - - - 00:2100:5101:2102:2103:21
04:2705:2705:4205:5706:0706:1706:3006:4006:5006:5507:0507:1207:1807:2707:3307:4507:5308:0108:0908:1708:2508:3308:4108:4908:5709:0509:1309:2109:2909:3709:4509:5310:0110:0910:1710:2510:3310:4110:4910:5711:0511:1311:21 - 11:2911:3711:4511:5312:0112:0912:1712:2512:3312:4112:4912:5713:0513:1313:2113:2913:3713:4513:5314:0114:0914:1714:2514:3314:4114:4914:5715:0515:1215:2015:2715:3515:4315:5115:5916:0716:1516:2316:3116:3916:4716:5517:0317:1117:1917:2717:3517:4317:5117:5918:0718:1518:2318:3118:3918:4318:5319:03 - 19:1319:2319:3319:4019:5020:0020:1020:20 - 20:30 - 20:4721:0421:1421:2921:4421:5922:1422:2922:4222:5723:1223:2723:4223:57 - - - 00:2700:5701:2702:2703:27