recent service changes

3 months ago Thu 4th Feb 2021

As we are now deep into the current national lockdown with an end moved further back in time, we have been taking the opportunity to assess the service levels on some of our routes where customer numbers are extremely low. Obviously we want to balance availability of buses (and space on them for social distancing) with the need to be more environmentally conscious and not run buses that are empty. 

We have, therefore, been introducing temporary reductions on some routes to better reflect the current demand - we are seeing between 20-25% of our normal customer numbers at present. Over the course of January and into February, we have been introducing temporary changes due to the lockdown, but only on certain routes. See the table below for which routes have been affected, including the details and the new timetable. All changes listed below are temporary due to the lockdown. Once we have details on the lifting of restrictions, we will assess each service to bring them back up to normal service where needed.

All electronic timetables on our website and our apps are all up to date with the current level of service too.

route details date changed timetable
leopard 3 Reduced between Reading and Arborfield Green from every 20 minutes to every 30 minutes. Retains the hourly service between Reading – Wokingham during the week and on Saturdays. Mon 8 Feb Click here for times
tiger 7 The late evening (Thursday – Saturday only) journeys are suspended, all other journeys continue to run current ‘school holiday’ times. Mon 8 Feb Click here for times
leopard 8/9 Each service now hourly, providing a half-hourly service between Reading and Spencers Wood and the new developments in Shinfield West. Mon 8 Feb Click here for times
ruby 10 Now runs to its Saturday timetables Monday to Saturday. Sundays remain as normal. Mon 1 Feb Click here for times
purple 17 Running to summer timetable - still up to every 8 minutes, but some customers may have to wait an extra minute or two during the day. Mon 11 Jan Click here for times
claret 21 Claret 21a will not run due to the University currently doing online learning only. Mon 11 Jan Click here for times
greenwave 50 Running to its Saturday timetables Monday to Saturdays - there is no service on Sundays. Mon 1 Feb Click here for times
Winnersh Triangle p&r 500 Temporarily suspended. Mon 25 Jan N/A
Mereoak p&r 600 Now runs to its Saturday timetables Monday to Saturday (but many journeys run via RIBP). Sunday service temporarily suspended. Mon 1 Feb Click here for times
Green Line 702 Temporarily suspended. Mon 25 Jan N/A
Green Line 703 Running to its Saturday timetables Monday to Saturday. Normal Sunday service. Mon 11 Jan Click here for times
leopard X3 Now runs just two departures in each direction rather than three, with some amended times to compensate. Mon 8 Feb Click here for times

buses for schools (and school holiday times)

With the new announcement about the roadmap for lifting restrictions on Monday 22 February, we are now able to look more clearly at our school services going forward. From Monday 8 March, we expect to have all buses for schools back running - this means buses numbered 81-93 and all buses in the 900 series too.

current situation - valid until Mon 8 March

On Monday 11 January, we switched to a school holiday timetable, which meant that routes 81-93 no longer run, and neither do the journeys numbered in the 900 series that were introduced for school social distancing. 

Our frequent network of buses provides services to, or near, every school with the exception of Maiden Erlegh Chiltern Edge School, so buses numbered 82/83/84 were looked at to ensure that students who still needed to access the school still can.

Route 82 – no change, buses will continue to run as normal.

Route 83 – this route is temporarily suspended.

Route 84 – The morning journey is changed to run via Caversham Park Road instead of Lowfield Road (previously served by the 83). No change to the afternoon journey.

Some of our normal routes have schooldays and school holidays timetables. This is usually a handful of journeys that run at slightly different times during school holidays than they do on school term days - currently all routes are on 'school holiday' timetables, so if a bus is shown as only running on schooldays, it will currently not be running.