7th - 8th March

The Reading Brick Show is back! 

The two day LEGO® show is set to ignite imagination, spark creativity and inspire everyone.

Build your own LEGO® creations including a micro-scale city skyline building area, mosaic art gallery, and LEGO® brick pits. Take a spin on a monster truck course, drive a LEGO® car on a race track and watch as the robots do battle in the popular LEGO® robot wars arena.

The show will feature LEGO® models from the best builders in the UK, including a large great ball contraption, spaceships, train layouts, fairground rides, and much more.

Take the Buzz 42 to get you right outside the door and enjoy a full day out without worrying about parking. Off-peak our group tickets are just £6 for up to 4 people. Check your journey here! https://images.reading-buses.co.uk/2019-03/Reading%20network%20map%20sept%2018.pdf



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