The 19a and 19c are set to return

6 Days Ago 9th Jul

front view of an old 'the nineteens' single deck bus

Great news for residents in Woodley and Earley as the 19a and c routes are to be resurrected!

Following extensive consultation with residents, Wokingham Borough Council have announced that the circular bus routes linking Earley, Woodley and Maiden Erleigh with the Royal Berkshire Hospital and Reading town centre will be reintroduced under contract to us from September 3, replacing the existing orange 12.

The original 19a/c bus service, which was replaced by orange 12 service, was not able to cover its costs which meant we could not run the service at the level of subsidy offered.   

Wokingham Borough Council launched a consultation with local communities to see which areas were most affected by the changes and what the communities required. The consultation then resulted in a tender process with local operators which we won!

To secure the return of the 19a and c, the council made extra funding available to ensure that these new routes are sustainable for the future. 

routes and times 

The new circular routes will reflect the previous 'nineteens' 19a and c. Buses will run hourly in each direction towards Reading, journey times from Culver Lane to the Royal Berkshire Hospital will be less than 15 minutes and morning peak journeys will be reintroduced. In addition buses will travel the same route all day and provide a service between Woodley, Earley and Reading in the afternoons.

Click here for the timetable.

Click here for the route map

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