Greenwave timetable and fares change

1 year ago Fri 15th Mar 2019

From Monday 8 April, we will be changing some of the fares and timetables for greenwave services, including Buzz 42. 

timetable change

There will be changes to all greenwave timetables from Monday 8 April. Below gives a summary of changes per destination, plus the new timetables as PDFs.

Buzz 42

There will be a revised timetable with an improved 20 minute peak frequency Monday to Friday and the same off peak times on Monday to Fridays and Saturdays.

For the Buzz 42 timetable click here

Green Park

Monday to Fridays

There will be a better spread of morning peak services for Green Park Village. There will also be some revisions to the afternoon peak services including an extra trip after 5pm from Brook Drive.


There will be an earlier first bus from Green Park Village and an extra late evening trip back to Green Park Village.

Click here for the new Green Park timetable

Mereoak park & ride (plus hospital park & ride)

There will be a better spread of morning peak services for Mereoak park & ride during the week.

We are also including an extra 9.15am trip on route 66 from Mereoak to the Royal Berkshire Hospital and better spread of afternoon trips back from the hospital.


There will be an extra morning trip from town to Mereoak.

Click here for the new Mereoak timetable.

Madejski Stadium park & ride

Due to a drop in customers using the Madejski site, there will be some reductions in service to and from the Stadium. 

Click here for the new Madejski timetable

Kennet Island

Mondays to Fridays

In general, there will be a better spread of journeys for Kennet Island during the week.


There will be an extra morning trip from town to Kennet Island

Click here for the new Kennet Island timetable.

Reading International Business Park

There will be some minor tweaks to the Reading International Business Park buses. 

Click here for the RIBP timetable

fares changes

At the same time as the timetables are changing, there will also be some changes to fares.

on bus tickets

The standard Boost single on greenwave buses changes from £1.30 to £1.50 with the Boost return changing from £2 to £2.20.

The group off peak return changes from £4.50 to £5, with the Mereoak only group off peak return (Monday to Friday 9.30am to 6pm) changes from £5.50 to £6 - this ticket includes £1 parking charge.

The Greensaver paper 12 trip ticket changes from £20 to £21.

The adult single from Mereoak changes from £2 to £2.50.

New weekend and evening group ticket

We are also introducing a new weekend and evening group return on greenwave which is just £5 and includes free parking at Mereoak (available from the driver Monday to Friday after 6pm and anytime on the weekend or public holidays) - please note, other tickets may not include parking if not stated, if they do not include parking, you must buy a £1 parking ticket from the driver.

online smartcards

Greensaver multi-trip cards

  greensaver 10 greensaver 20 greensaver 40
new price £14.95 £29.80 £58

Greenwave period cards

  greenwave 30 day greenwave 90 day
new price £55.50 £152

Mereoak parksaver multi-trip cards

All Mereoak parksaver cards include the parking charge as standard.

  parksaver 10 parksaver 20 parksaver 40
new price £19.95 £39.80 £78