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Gender pay gap report

Our gender pay report shows a small 2% difference in the mean (average) rate of pay between our male and female employees. 

This is worked out by taking the pay of all employees and dividing by the total number of employees. 

The reason for this difference is because there is a slightly higher number of women in the lowest paid quartile (typically cleaning jobs) and a slightly higher number of men in the highest paid quartile (typically senior management jobs).

There is a 0% difference in the median (middle) pay band between male and female employees.

Bonus pay gap

Unlike many company’s our directors and senior management team are not paid bonuses, neither are our office-based employees.  Our performance related bonuses are paid to the majority of our employees who are our drivers, engineering employees, cleaners and operations team.

The bonus available to drivers in the period reported was based on 3 criteria and a separate bonus was available for each of these.  The bonus for engineers, cleaners and operations employees is only available on one measure reducing the overall pot for these employees. 

The percentage of female drivers is 15% against 27% in the combined other groups.  This has resulted in the 7% difference in mean bonus pay.

There is a 0% difference in the median bonus pay.

The proportion of men who receive a bonus is 95% and women is 75%.  Of the employees who do not receive bonus pay (office-based employees, managers and directors) there are 63.5% men and 36.5% women.  The percentage of women employed in this group is higher than in the groups of employees who are paid a bonus which has resulted in this overall difference in the proportion of men and women who are paid a bonus.

What we are doing about it

Reading Buses is an equal opportunity employer and is committed to employing a balance of genders across all its employee groups.  The transport industry has typically been male dominated, and we are working to increase the number of women into the industry.

We role model our great female employees across all of our job roles.

In 2017 we were delighted to win the Company of the Year award at the prestigious National Venus Awards as a reflection of our commitment to recognising and rewarding our employees and the work we have done to increase the number of female recruits over the last few years.

We are committed to growing our talent, both men and women, and run a successful programmes of employee development called Improvement Champions which seeks to encourage and develop employees who want to progress within the industry.


Gender Pay – our 2017 Reported Figures


Reading Buses


Median pay gap



Mean pay gap




*Based on estimates from the National Office of Statistics’ Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings 2017


Pay quartiles – proportion of men and women in each pay quartile


Quartile 1

Quartile 2

Quartile 3



(lowest hourly rate)



(highest hourly rate)












Proportion of men and women who received a bonus






The difference in bonus paid across male and female employees (the bonus gap)






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