daysaver5 comes to Green Line

Exciting news! We have a brand-new, money-saving ticket for you!

We are committed to giving you the cleanest, safest and best value travel possible, and that’s why we’ve launched our new ticket… introducing the ‘daysaver5’! Daysaver5 is available exclusively on the Green Line 702, Thames Valley and Reading Buses apps.

Our new daysaver5 is designed for all our customers who still need to travel with us, but not as frequently as they did pre-Covid. The daysaver5 bundle ticket allows you to buy 5 individual all-day tickets together with savings of 50 on Green Line 702/703%! You can buy them for some of the different areas that our buses run in – and there will even be tickets available on our sister services at Reading Buses and Thames Valley Buses.

Green Line (all areas) £50
simplySlough & Windsor £17
simplyNetwork (Reading Buses) £22

These individual tickets have no expiry. Each day is used independently so you could travel on a Monday and then still have four days left to travel later in the week, the following week or even after lockdown!

No fuss, no expiry, no brainer! 

Travel your way – and be picky

It’s not just about daysaver5 though, as we have products that mean you can afford to be picky!

If you are still using our buses a lot, don’t forget that we have great value period tickets such as the Green Line adult 7 day – that’s seven days unlimited travel on Green Line 702/703 for just £50.


However you want to travel, we’ve got you covered.