Connect Henley-on-Thames

3 years ago Thu 26th Jul 2018

We are delighted to be able to run bus services in Henley under the name 'Connect Henley-on-Thames.'

These services are contracted by Henley Town Council.

New timetables from Monday 11 March

A new Saturday service, which comes into operation on March 16, is the highlight of a timetable change starting Monday 11 March.

The Monday to Friday timetables will also see some changes to help improve the service for current, and new, customers. 

The new timetable can be found here.

Timetables will also be available shortly on bus.

hop on board

Our Connect Henley-on-Thames buses are equipped with on-board audio-visual equipment meaning you can see, or hear, what stop is approaching so you needn’t worry about getting off at the wrong stop.

The buses also boast USB charging points for phones and free WiFi. And to help keep the air in Henley-on-Thames as clean as possible, the buses are run on Compressed Natural Gas which has fewer emissions than ordinary diesel buses.

routes and times

We will be running these routes with a greener single deck gas bus - powered by compressed natural gas! It emits very low emissions when running - perfect for the lovely clean air by the River Thames! You can find out more about gas here

route 151

This route runs from the Market Place in central Henley to the west of Henley, using Deanfield Road, Elizabeth Road and Greys Road before returning to the Market Place. 

Click here for the 151 timetable.

route 152

The route runs from the Market Place in central Henley to the south of Henley, using Thameside, Henley-on-Thames Station, Reading Road to Tesco Superstore, then St Andrews Road, Blandy Road, Makins Road and Greys Road returning to the Market Place. 

Click here for the 152 timetable

route 153

Buses run from Market Place in central Henley to north Henley via the hospital. 

Click here for the 153 timetable

We are also going to be running route 145 between Woodcote and Henley for Gillotts School. More information on this service can be found here

We are just finalising the maps for all the above the services and these should be online very soon!


  single all day
adult £1.50 £2.50
boost* £1 £2
*boost fares are for customers aged 18 & under. Click here for more details

10 trip ticket

Buy your 10 trip ticket in advance and save on single journeys - great for occasional users! Just £12.50, buy from the driver or on the app!

group ticket - travel together and save

We have introduced a new group ticket for Connect Henley-on-Thames - up to four people can travel together and save. The ticket is valid all day so you can travel as often as you like. 

Monday to Friday £7
Weekends and school holidays £5

use your phone - buy tickets, track your bus and more

You can download the Reading Buses app and have all the information you need about your bus at your fingertips! For more information on app and how to use it, click here

button with text 'get it on Google play'

button with text 'available on the app store'

track your bus on a live map

We have live tracking on our app that allows you to follow your bus on a map as it approaches. This means you can be sure that the bus is on its way!

live times

Find your stop and get a live display that counts down how many minutes away your bus is. Used in conjunction with the live maps means you never need to rush for the bus again!

buy tickets 

It's so easy to buy your tickets in advance on the app. Just create an account, buy the ticket and activate it when you are about to get on the bus. Scan the QR code under the reader and take your seat - it's that simple.