Boost comes to Green Line 702 & 703

3 years ago Thu 23rd May 2019

When we first took over Green Line 702 in December 2017, we decided to retain the same pricing structure that the previous operator had to keep things simple. Now, after a successful year and a half of operation, we are delighted to be able to announce that Boost is coming to Green Line 702 and 703!

That's not all though as we renumber our 'summer special' journeys to Legoland and change some other ticketing options.

what is Boost?

Boost is our name for the range of tickets for younger people. If you are 18 & under, you can take advantage of cheaper fares on bus or online without the need for special ID! 

(It's worth mentioning though that if you are at the upper age range we do advise that you have some form of ID (such as college ID) in case you are asked - otherwise you may have to pay full fare!)

There are discounts for college and University students of any age on production of a valid 'Totum' NUS Extra card. If you are a university or college student and do not show your Totum card when buying Boost tickets, or show it when asked when using Boost tickets, you will have to pay full fare.

The use of the Totum card for Boost fares is only applicable on Green Line 701, 702 and 703. Using Boost on buses on the rest of the Reading Buses network falls under the standard Boost conditions. 

fares and ticketing changes

As part of the introduction of Boost, there will be some fares changes to the existing child fares. This is to further bring our Green Line operation into line with the rest of the network. The great news is that while some fares have gone up, many return tickets have reduced in price to reflect the value of the simplyNetwork Boost day ticket.

Click here for the new fares on Green Line 702

Click here for the new fares on Green Line 703

There are also changes to the Green Line period tickets - see the table below for the prices from Monday 3 June. As part of this change, we will be introducing a new Boost 30 day and annual pass on the app. 

  day 7 day 30 day annual
app n/a £32 £144 £960
on bus £13 £39 n/a n/a

Thames Valley day tickets

Due to a lack of use, Thames Valley day products are withdrawn - this applies to both adult and Boost.

First Berkshire ticket acceptance

The reciprocal arrangement with First Berkshire will come to an end on 3 June. Their tickets will no longer be valid on our Green Line or Thames Valley 5 services and vice versa (this does not include Thames Valley routes 4 and 6 which are contracted services).

adult fares

All adult fares will stay the same with the exception of the Windsor to Legoland fares. These fares will be aligned with Courtney Buses' 600 service to allow acceptance on both Green Line and their 600 service.

Adult single will become £4 (from £4.10) 

Adult return will become £5.50 (from £5)

Summer LEGOLAND journeys route numbering

The ‘special summer’ LEGOLAND journeys that only run during summer will be renumbered to 701 to make it easier for you to identify which bus you need to board.

You can check out the summer timetable, including these Green Line 701 journeys, here

new bus stops

There will be some additional bus stops for both Green Line 702 and 703.

  • In Windsor, heading towards Slough, we will now be using the WHSmiths stop, opposite Windsor Castle.
  • On the A4, we will be using the Cedar Way stop in both directions.
  • In Slough, heading towards Windsor, we will be using the Queensmere Shopping Centre stop H, opposite Tesco.