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What is VAMOOZ?

VAMOOZ is the great new way to get around and takes you to the places other transport doesn't go!

You can book return trips for days out across the South, picking up from locations across our network in Reading, including Central Reading and University of Reading.
The more people you can help us encourage to sign up, the lower the price becomes for everyone. The most you will ever pay is the price you see when booking - in most cases by the time the trips run, you will be charged less as more people book on.

VAMOOZ can also help support school and commuter travel with direct dedicated buses from your neighbourhood to the school gate or workplace - all you need to do is tell us what you want and then get other people to book.

You can suggest trips too - with VAMOOZ you go where you choose.

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where can I go?

Currently, we have a number of destinations that you can go to during the October holidays - with each of them able to be booked in advance. These are:

Chessington World of Adventures – ‘howl’o’ween’ (Monday 23 October)
Thorpe Park Fright Night (Tuesday 24 October and Friday 27 October)
Beale Park (Tuesday 24 October and Friday 27 October)
Beaulieu National Motor Museum and Palace (Wednesday 25 October)
Marwell ‘Boo at the Zoo!’ (Thursday 26 October)

However, the great thing about Vamooz is that you can suggest trips - either as days out or more regular services. If enough people want to do the same thing, the trip will run! All suggestions are done through the app, so what are you waiting for?

How it works

Download the VAMOOZ app!
Browse journeys on the VAMOOZ app.
Choose a trip - or suggest a new trip.
Sign up with your contact and payment details - it's all highly secure and we only charge you after the trip.
Share your trip and encourage more people to take part – more bookings will lower the price for you and everyone else.
We'll keep you posted via email about the trip and confirm pick-up times.
Enjoy the ride and we'll take payment after the trip!

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Who is VAMOOZ?

We have partnered with Vamooz's creators to help bring you this innovative solution in Reading and the surrounding area. Below is a little more info on who they are. 

VAMOOZ is a start-up company brought to you by Transdev Blazefield - part of Transdev, the world's number one mobility provider, operating networks in the UK, France, the Netherlands, United States and Australia.

Transdev employs 86,000 people worldwide. Transdev Blazefield run 400 buses across Yorkshire and Lancashire, developing a great reputation for providing successful bus products such as Coastliner, the 36 and Cityzap.

VAMOOZ provides buses to places the current network doesn't reach - and puts you in charge of suggesting new routes.