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Want cheaper travel? Under 19s get it so low, we named it just that - Solo!

We've got a simple system for under-19s to get cheaper bus fares - Solo! It's the super way to gain your travel independence!

If you are under the age of 19, every time you get on the bus, just ask for a Solo ticket. Or, even better, get a Solo card online. This card is not an ID card, it's simply a product for you to buy. You can get period passes or have one as a cashless card that you can put money on to pay for your journeys. You can buy and now top-up your Solo smartcard online, making it even easier to save! 
Please note, the 7 day Solo ticket is only available on a smartcard - this cannot be bought on-bus as a paper ticket.

Solo products and journeys are much cheaper than the normal adult fares - below are the prices for journeys made in the simplyReading area. Check out our on the bus fares page for fares outside the boundary:

buying on the bus:

   single  day return  all day  7 day
 Solo (under-19s)  £1.40  all day  £2.40  £12* (£11 online)
 adult  £1.90  £3.70  £4.30  £16 (£14.50 online)
*Only available on a Solo smartcard.

buy online and save:

All these products are issued as simplyBus smartcards.
   7 day  30 day  90 day  365 day
 Solo (under-19s)  £11  £41  £113  n/a
 adult  £14.50
 £55  £155  £575

buy in advance from the Reading bus shop:

All these products are issued as simplyBus smartcards.
   7 day  30 day  90 day
 Solo (under-19s)  £12  £43  £115
 adult  £16  £59  £160

You always get the cheapest fares when buying online!

Fares above shown from 5 October 2014. 

We reserve the right to ask older looking customers for identification from time to time. This scheme is designed for customers under the age of 19 only. 

You can buy all the Solo smartcard products online now. It's that simple.

Children under-5

Children under 5 years of age may accompany any fare paying customer (adult or Solo) free of charge. A fare paying passenger may have up to 2 under-5s travelling with them for free - any additional children will be charged at the appropriate Solo rate.