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Welcome to Reading Buses Rewards! 

We all like to be rewarded for loyalty and service don't we? From a pay day bonus at work to that free drink from your local coffee shop (after buying 20 in a week!), being rewarded feels good. 

Well, we agree and we want to reward you for being our customers! Reading Buses Rewards is our way of saying thank you through a number of different ways. 

Through our rewards programme, you can collect and 'spend' points when buying your bus tickets online (think Boots advantage card!). And if that wasn't enough, you can also get money off on the high street by redeeming exclusive offers from our partner shops. 
The best part about all of this is that it is absolutely free! 
All you need is a simplyBus smartcard - read on to find out how it all works. 

get rewarded for buying your bus tickets online

When you sign up to Reading Buses Rewards, you will earn points every time you buy your bus ticket online. The points scheme (managed by our partner, Reward Your World) allows you to build up these points (called 'BetterPoints') and spend them like cash. 
The more you buy, the more points are added to your account - simple! 
When you have enough points, you can use them like cash to get money off your next bus ticket or even reward yourself with other fantastic treats - you could turn your bus ticket into a free latte, a computer game or some new clothes!
You can also earn and spend your points by helping your favourite charity.

how do I start?

Make sure you have fully signed up to the scheme to be eligible to earn points - see below on how to register.

New customers

When you are registering your details for your new card, tick the box for 'Reading Buses Rewards'. You will then be sent an email to complete your registration. Once you have registered fully, you will automatically earn points every time you top-up your simplyBus smartcard!

Existing card holders 

Next time you log in to your Reading Buses account to top-up your smartcard, click 'edit details' and then make sure you tick the 'Reading Buses Rewards' box. Just like new customers, you will be sent an email with a link to complete your registration and begin earning points.

When you have registered, you start earning BetterPoints automatically every time you shop online with us. Don't forget, that you can then use your points to reward yourself or reward your community.

Want to know more? Visit the Reading Buses Rewards loyalty page which explains how the BetterPoints system works in more detail.

instant high-street discounts with your simplyBus card 

If you have a simplyBus smartcard, then Reading Buses Rewards gives you exclusive deals (managed by our partner MoLo rewards) when you are shopping in Reading! 
Participating retailers have exclusive offers that are unlocked using your smartcard - just look for the MoLo symbol on their shop windows. 
The offers change every month, meaning you get fantastic new deals all the time!
If you know what offers are available, simply make your purchase as normal, but tap your card on the special reader at the till to get your discount or offer. It's quick, easy and absolutely free.
Want to know more? Visit the Reading Buses Rewards discounts page.

For all aspects of the Reading Buses Rewards programme, terms and conditions apply. Please note that we have partnered with Reward Your World (to manage the points programme) and MoLo Rewards (to manage the discount programme).