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Timetables for Public Holidays

Click your route number below to see the public holiday times for that bus

All your public holiday bus times are now contained in your normal timetable leaflet, so you don't need a separate leaflet for the bank holidays - that helps us save a lot of trees! 

We will still remind you when there is a bank holiday around the corner though!

The following services do not run during public holidays:

19/19a, claret 20 and 20a, Lower Caversham Shuttle 27, Community Link 28/18, greenwave services to Green Park, RIBP and Madejski Stadium and Loddon Bridge park and ride.

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Most of our timetables are in pdf format to make them easier to read and print out. 

Don't have Acrobat Reader? Download one for free here >>>>          

All times listed above are current public holiday timetables. Page updated Wednesday 28 August 2013.