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Up all day & all night? Your claret 21 & purple 17 run 24/7! 

Planning a late night? Let our buses take you home!

Night buses - Monday to Saturday nights

There are 4 late night services in total - plus claret 21 and purple 17 run all day & all night! 

Night bus fares are now in line with our daytime fares. You can use any simpylyReading or simplyNetwork day return, day or group ticket on these buses including your simplyUni smartcard! 

Below is a list of the buses that run near to the University halls of residence.

Use this bus to get to Sherfield Hall, Wantage Hall, St Patrick's Hall, Hillside and Martindale Court. This bus also goes to and from Shinfield Road and Redlands Road from Central Reading

Click here to download your 9a timetable

up all day & all night

Use this bus to get from Central Reading to Whiteknights Campus

Or to get from Whiteknights Campus to Bulmershe Campus

Click here to download your 21 timetable

   up all day & all night

Use this bus to get to Bridges and Wessex Hall - A 5 minute walk from Wokingham Road to Whiteknights Road

Click here to download your purple 17 timetable

Don't live on campus? Find the other night buses timetables below:

Mint green 5: Reading Station - Northumberland Avenue - Whitley Wood - Kennet Island

Pink 23: Reading Station - Caversham Centre - Caversham Park - Emmer Green

Yellow 26: Reading Station - Bath Road - Southcote - Fords Farm - Calcot