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We take our environmental responsibilities seriously and we are determined to educate our customers and minimise our carbon footprint! With Reading Borough Council, we have invested in the latest fuel technologies to reduce our impact on the environment – that’s got to be good for the air in Reading and the future of our world!

Currently 48% of our fleet is very environmentally-friendly: we have 31 Hybrid diesel-electric buses and 34 gas buses!

 Our buses

• Our gas buses produce almost no particulates, no hydrocarbons, almost zero carbon and 99% less nitrogen oxide!
• Our hybrid diesel electric buses are an all-British bus which reduces CO2 emissions by around 30%!

 Our fuel

  • The gas fuel for our buses will be delivered to the depot by pipeline eliminating both the carbon and pollution footprints associated with Diesel fuel delivery trucks! 
  • All of our other buses run on Bio-diesel mix.