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Welcome to the Reading Buses commuter page!

At Reading Buses, we get you from A to B in the best way possible. We have our colour-coded bus routes, environmentally-friendly electric hybrid vehicles and lots of offers to give you outstanding value for money. However, when you want to go that bit further, we have never had much information for you....until now! This page is designed to capture all the information you need to get not just from A to B, but to C,D and beyond!

To get you started, here is a map of where our (and other operators') buses go!

This page is designed to give you the basics on our services. However, you can either use the drop-downs in the main navigation menu or click on the links below for more specific information on:

Trains and Commuting

Bus and coach options for journeys outside of Reading

About us


We have set fares on buses, which makes it safer, easier and quicker for everyone. Simply drop the correct change into the fare box after telling the driver the ticket you want and/or your destination.


   single  day return   all day   7 days 
 adult  £1.90  £3.60  £4.20  £15 (£14 online)
 Solo (under-19)  £1.40  day  £2.30  £11*

*Only available to load onto a Solo smartcard

If you come into Reading a lot (or are thinking of moving here), we offer a great range of easy to use smartcards to take the hassle out of travelling. And for those who are never sure how many times they will travel around the town, our multi-trip easysaver 10 card is great value and has no expiry!

'simplyReading' period passes

Buy and top these products up online - top-ups take less than 24 hours to appear on your card! Once you have an active card, simply place on the reader on the bus until you hear the 'beep' and then go and sit down (don't forget your card though!)

   7 day  30 day  90 day  365 day
 adult  £14  £57  £155  £560
 Solo  £11  £40  £110  n/a


Heres a few of our great fare offers - you can see all of them on our offers page

Four go together - for just £5!

  • Unlimited travel for up to four people - any combination of adults and children in the simplyReading area 
  • just £5 on Saturdays, Sundays, evenings after 7pm, Public Holidays and School Holidays* 

Terms and conditions apply, group ticket £8 at all other times. Offer ends 3 January 2014 - subject to change. * School Holiday dates for 2013 are Weds 2 - Fri 4 Jan, Mon 11 - Mon 25 Feb, Fri 29 Mar - Mon 15 Apr, Mon 27 May – Fri 31 May, Mon 22 July – Thurs 5 Sept, Mon 28 Oct - Fri 1 Nov, Mon 23 Dec - Weds 2 Jan inclusive.

Evening fares

Getting into Reading after 7pm? 

If you are travelling within the simplyReading boundary, you can now get a return for £2.30 (a saving of over a quid!) or a Group Ticket for up to four people for just £5 (even 3 people will save!) - which is great news if there's a few of you coming back from a meeting!

Terms and conditions apply. Return and group tickets are not valid on NightTrack buses. Valid only within the simplyReading boundary.


Want to know where the buses go and what time they are? Check out our route details page


For a full view of all our route maps, go to our maps page