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Timetable changes

As you may have seen previously, we will be changing some timetables from Monday 24 April. For the most part, these are small tweaks to the timetables to help improve the performance of buses or to better reflect demand at certain times of the day. Most people should see little or no change, as we seek to try and keep our network consistent.

Below is a handy table that outlines what is changing on each route so you know what to look out for. If your service isn't listed, then it isn't changing!

Please note, from the same date, we will also stop selling our simplyReading, simplyWokingham & Bracknell and simplyNetwork paper 7 day tickets on bus. Click here for more information on this

 route  Changes made  timetable
 Some retiming for improved performance and to provide a combined 15 minute service between Newbury and Thatcham with Kennections 101/102.  Click here for times.
 Some journeys have been retimed to improve performance. Due to limited usage, the leopard will no longer visit Shinfield Park - the nearest bus stop is Ducketts Farm on Shinfield Road. The X3 direct service to/from Shinfield Park will still run to its normal times.   Click here for times.
 Just some minor tweaks to improve performance on certain journeys.   Click here for times.
 Some retiming of morning 6a journeys and other minor tweaks throughout.  Click here for times.
 Mainly tweaks to morning weekday journeys. Also included a couple of extra am peak journeys.  Click here for times.
 Most daytime trips run a couple of minutes later. The existing 5.12pm trip from Friar Street to Tesco Napier Road and return no longer runs.  Click here for times.
 Minor changes and tweaks to times.  Click here for times.
 The most minor change - just an addition of the early morning public holiday journeys that didn't quite make it into our timetable the last time round!  Click here for times.

minor changes on greenwave

From 24th April the Monday to Friday greenwave bus leaving St Marys Butts on at 3.59pm and Station Road at 4.02pm will run as route 53 and no longer serve Kennet Island. This is to avoid the effects of traffic congestion which have led to serious delays to this bus. Alternative route 50a buses to Kennet Island depart Station Road at 3.52pm and 4.12pm.

other changes - school buses LH1 and 991 and service 7 minor route change 

There will also be minor tweaks for the Little Heath School service LH1 which can be found here.
School bus 991 will also see some very minor changes here
If you use service 7 (Reading to Riseley) there will also be a very minor route change towards Reading - this service will now use Kendrick Road instead of Southampton Street to mirror its parent service operated by Stagecoach.