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Kennections at Christmas

Christmas is coming! And that means we need to let you know what your Kennections buses are doing over the Christmas period. 

Kennections Christmas times

We are keeping it easy on Kennections this year, so buses will generally run to their normal timetables - although obviously there will be no buses on the public holidays. 

See below for the service level for all Kennections services - this includes jet red 101 & 102. 

 Date  Service Level
 Sunday 24 December (Christmas Eve)  No buses
 Monday 25 December (Christmas Day)  No buses
 Tuesday 26 December (Boxing Day)  No buses
 Wednesday 27 December   Normal Monday to Friday service
 Thursday 28 December  Normal Monday to Friday service
 Friday 29 December  Normal Monday to Friday service
 Saturday 30 December  Normal Saturday service
 Sunday 31 December (New Year's Eve)  No buses
 Monday 1 January 2017 (New Year's Day)  No buses
 Tuesday 2 January  Normal service resumes

For jet black times over Christmas, including special timetables for Boxing Day, click here
Don't know what your Kennections buses timetables are? Click here!

why have Christmas timetables?

Whilst we appreciate that many people are still working over the Christmas period (not least in retail and hospitality), many people take time off meaning the demand for services is reduced. 

We look at what we think a good service level will be - whilst also ensuring that there are not lots of empty vehicles running around on the roads! 

This also allows as many of our wonderful employees as possible to spend time with their families too!