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Extra Sunday buses at Mereoak P&R

If you live outside of Reading, getting into, and parking, in town can be a hassle – especially on the weekends! Now, it’s even easier to get into Reading with extra buses running from Mereoak park & ride to Reading on the four Sundays leading up to Christmas (26 November – 17 December). Our buses are stylish and smooth, boasting excellent leg room, next stop audio and visual announcements, free WiFi, and, of course, wonderful drivers! So let our buses do all the work while you can enjoy more time out in town. 

Below are the extra fast journeys to Reading from Mereoak which are in addition to normal service. See here for normal times

Mereoak Park & Ride - Central Reading 60x

 9.43am 10.18am  10.53am  11.43am  12.23pm  1.18pm  2.15pm  2.58pm  3.46pm  4.26pm  5.16pm 

Central Reading - Mereoak Park & Ride

 St Mary's Butts  11.20am 12.02pm  12.50pm  1.50pm  2.35pm  3.25pm  4.05pm  4.55pm  5.35pm 
 Station Road  11.24am 12.06pm  12.54pm  1.54pm  2.39pm  3.29pm  4.09pm  4.59pm  5.39pm 
 Market Place  11.25am 12.07pm  12.55pm  1.55pm  2.40pm  3.50pm  4.10pm  5.00pm  5.40pm 
 Mereoak p&r (arrive)  11.39am 12.21pm  1.10pm  2.10pm  2.55pm  3.45pm  4.25pm  5.15pm  5.54pm 

Save money on group tickets at Mereoak between Christmas and New Year! 

Day out with family? Buy a group return ticket any time, any day from Sunday 24 December – Monday 1 January, just £4* instead of £5 (excluding 25th Dec). Valid for up to 5 people, maximum 3 adults.

Check out the fares page for details on other ticket offers.

*Includes 50p parking.