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Don't forget!

We are sure you are all aware that the old, round, £1 coin will cease to be accepted by all businesses from Monday 16 October. 

That means you need to use them before this date if you still have them in your wallet or purse.

We will accept old £1 coins up until midnight on Sunday 15 October.

After this time, we will not accept them - and if you try to use them to pay for your travel, you will be asked to pay with a different coin or note as these coins are no longer able to be accepted.

what to do after 16 October

If you still have the old £1 coins after Sunday 15 October, fear not - you can still bank them as normal in your account, although banks will not exchange them over the counter.
Most businesses will not accept them anymore, but there are some that have extended their use such as Poundland!