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Concessionary travel on football buses

As you should by now know, there will be changes to the acceptance of Concessionary passes within Reading Borough from Saturday 1 April. The full details on the usage and validity of your concessionary pass can be found here.  

One of the big changes for football fans is that an older person's concessionary pass is no longer valid on our football buses from this date. 

However, we have some great news! We have been working with Reading FC on a way to keep travel affordable for concessionary pass holders. 

Please note, Reading Borough Council issued Access Passes will still be valid.

what are the new rules for concessionary pass holders?

Due to government funding cuts, from 1 April, Reading Borough Council will no longer cover the cost of travel on football buses as these fall under 'special services' which are not covered by the basic rules of the English National Concessionary Travel Scheme (ENCTS). This means that anyone who holds an older person's Concessionary travel pass will have to pay for their travel - this includes holders of passes from other local authorities who are returning from the game as your travel is paid for by the authority in which you board the bus. 
However, there is some great news for fans...

concessionary pass holders travel for £1 each way!

Although these changes mean concessionary pass holders must now pay for their travel to and from the football, we have some great news. If you hold an older person's concessionary pass, for the last four home games (against Leeds United, Blackburn Rovers, Rotherham United and Wigan Athletic) you will be able to show your pass to the driver and travel for just £1 each way. You can either buy a single for £1 or a return for £2. This has been made possible by working closely with Reading FC to ensure that a subsidy can be agreed to help cover the cost of transporting all the fans to and from the game.
This offer is extended to all concessionary pass holders - including those boarding in West Berkshire - as all concessionary pass holders returning from the game would need to pay due to these changes.
If you are travelling from an area where concessionary passes are valid, you will need to scan your pass on the way to the ground as normal and then pay £1 for your return travel after the match as your journey will be starting in Reading Borough.