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Changes to some 'rural' fares

With the upcoming changes to some timetables on Monday 24 April, we noticed a few fares that needed changing on our routes that run outside of Reading. For the most part, these changes just bring the fares more into line and tidy up any discrepancies that existed. We have given you a guide below about which routes are affected and roughly what has changed - you can then click to see the new fares table that will come into effect from Monday 24 April. 

For the vast majority of customers there will be no change to your fares - and for some people, you may even be paying less for your journey from this date.

Please note there are no changes to fares within the simplyReading zone!

Click the logo of your route to see the new fares and read below for a summary of what has changed on each route.

jet black

Most fares on jet black will be unaffected, but there are a couple of fares within the Theale area that have changed to align them better with the rest of the fares. The adult day ticket in the simplyNewbury & Thatcham zone is being reduced to £4 meaning not only are you paying less but your ticket is valid all day.

Newbury & Thatcham changes

The Kennections services 101 and 102 will have their fares aligned with jet black to allow tickets to be used on all three services (e.g. if you buy a return from Thatcham to Newbury on Kennections service 101 you can return to Thatcham on jet black). We have also removed the Hambridge Road fare stage to help align fares with jet black on Kennections 101/102.
You can find your new fares here.
We will also be introducing some special fares on these three services - keep your eyes peeled closer to the time for the big reveal.

lime 2

Again, just like jet black, there are very few changes to lime fares with most people seeing no difference. The biggest changes are to a couple of boost fares outside of the simplyReading area. 

leopard 3/10

There are no changes to adult or boost single fares on either route. There are a couple of changes to the adult and boost return prices just outside the simplyReading area to align them to the rest of the fares. To align the boost return fares to the simplyWokingham & Bracknell day ticket, return trips from Wokingham to Robinson Crusoe reduce to £2.50.

lion 4/X4

There are a few changes to some return fares just outside the simplyReading area. We have also reduced the price on singles and returns within the simplyWokingham & Bracknell area to align them to our day tickets within this area!

pink 25

Just a few changes to some adult and boost return fares outside the simplyReading area to align them to the rest of the fares.