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Changes to Kennections timetables

We are making some changes to our Kennections routes and timetables from Monday 19 February. For the most part, these will be simple timetable changes, but some may involve routes changing, or in one case, a brand new route being introduced into the Kennections family!

There's a section on each of the routes and their changes below, which outline the main changes for each route and allows you to download the new timetables as well. 

running to the racecourse - new route 9

We are delighted to announce that we will now be running route 9 between Newbury town centre and Newbury Racecourse under contract from West Berkshire Council. This route is hourly Monday to Saturday and also extends to Greenham and Tesco.
Click here to get the new timetable

jet red reduced

Unfortunately, due to increased competition in Thatcham and Newbury, we are withdrawing the jet red 101 and reducing the jet red 102 to hourly between roughly 10am and 3pm. Jet black will continue to provide half hourly buses between Newbury, the West Berkshire Community Hospital and Thatcham (and of course journeys to/from Reading). We thank all our customers who have been using the jet red buses over the last year and a half.
For the new jet red 102 timetable, click here.
There are no changes to the jet black timetable - click here for times.

Wash Common - route 2

After 9am, journeys will now extend to Tesco at Greenham via Monks Lane Surgery. There will be a new 2b journey from Newbury to Wash Common shops via Enborne Road, Valley Road and Essex Street. There will also be a new 2c journey direct from the bus station to Newbury College and Park House School.
Click here for your new timetable.

Hungerford - route 3

No changes to route, but some journeys have been retimed.
Click here for your new timetable.

Lambourn - route 4

There will generally just be retimed journeys for route 4, however there will be the new route 4b that will only run between Newbury and Speen.
Click here for your new timetable.

East/West Ilsley - route 6

No changes to route, but some journeys have been retimed.
Click here for your new timetable.

Greenham - route 8

There will be extra journeys serving Westwood Road as well as some general retiming of other trips. 
Click here for your new timetable

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