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We have been hard at work improving our app to ensure it works even better for you all. Not only have we been thinking of what features we can put into the latest release, but we have been listening to you as well!

more mTicket options

We launched the app with a range of mTickets valid only within the simplyReading area and only up to 7 days. We have had a small, but significant, number of customers asking for more mTicket options.
It is our pleasure to announce that v2 of the app will not only include adult and boost 30 day tickets for simplyReading, but will also offer 1, 7 and 30 day options (both adult and boost variations) for the simplyNetwork area. 
This means you can now buy tickets to use on all our buses in our network!* The 7 and 30 day options will be priced against the online smartcard price - our best value fares!

*simplyNetwork tickets are not valid on football and rugby buses or any Kennections service except route 101 and 102. 

track your bus

One of the most exciting new features we have added to the app is the ability to track your bus in real-time! 
Choose your route and the map will open up to show your where all the buses are for that service. You can then click on a bus and see where it is on its journey. This function will also show you the 'scheduled' time the bus is at the stop (i.e. what we put in the timetable!) and also the 'expected' time, which shows the live bus times and the estimate of when it will get to your stop.

more features and new navigation

new navigation

To help you find things easier in the app, we have improved the look and added a 'home' screen. There are now also easier to use navigation menus giving you an easier way of getting to the information that you want.  

find your favourite stops

Whilst the 'live bus times' feature has been heavily used, we know that one of the biggest bugbears that you had with it was that you had to look for your stop every time. This is now a thing of the past as you can search for, and favourite, the stops you visit most! Your favourite stops will be in a handy list (in the new menu!) for you to quickly find so you always have your live bus times to hand.

service updates

We are also adding our Twitter feed to give you 'service updates' - so you can check to see what we are saying about any issues on the roads.  

always get the best fare with the app

We are also guaranteeing that you will always get the best standard fares on the app! The app will always match the cheapest option for your ticket - whether that is for a single journey (matching the cash price - or being cheaper!) or 30 days worth (matching the online price)! 

download the latest version now!