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The new Reading Buses app for iOS and Android gives you a one-stop shop for information and ticketing. Never used buses before? It gives you the peace of mind to never have to worry about where your bus is again!

Our app allows you to plan your journey from start to end. From getting to the stop and checking timetables to seeing your bus approach on a map and buying your ticket, our app can do it all!

new app, new login

As this is a brand new app, you will need to create a new login - you won't be able to use your login from the old app and existing mTickets will not be transferred over. 

live times (including bus tracking)

The main map in live times shows all the bus stops in our network. You can click on the stop you want to get a few options how to proceed. You can also favourite your stop to more easily find it next time in the 'favourites' menu. You can also use the search bar to find your stop or a location that you want to get to.

departures - including bus tracking

Once you have selected a stop, using 'departures' will show you a live departure board telling you when the next buses are due. Journeys with a flashing icon are live times - if it doesn't have the icon then the bus might not be tracking properly and it will only show the scheduled arrival time. 
The live times count down in minutes which are worked out by where the bus is on the road and how long it estimates it will take to get to you. 

track your bus

Once you have seen which departure you want, you can track the bus by clicking on the journey in the departures board - this will then open a map of the route which will then show the buses moving along the route! 

This means you can check before leaving the house or work - or can even have an extra drink at the pub knowing that you have time before your bus is due!

get me here

Exactly what it says! Clicking this opens the journey planner to show you how to get to that stop - you can view this as instructions or on a map. The get me here function is best used to get you to your final destination.

track all buses using your stop

Clicking on 'track buses' shows you all bus routes that go past your stop - this is great for busy roads with multiple services. You will see all the routes (colour-coded of course!) overlaid onto the map and the buses from each of the routes moving in real time in front of your eyes! 
As mentioned above, you can also track your bus in the departures screen - simply click the journey you want to open the tracking - this then shows you all buses for that route only. The tracking refreshes every 10 seconds, so you can see your bus' progress as it comes towards you.

buy tickets on the go - or save them for later 

It's so easy to buy and use tickets on the go or in advance!

You can save your card details so after your first purchase, it's just a couple of clicks to buy your new ticket! 

Simply choose your ticket and activate it when you want to travel. You will need an internet connection to activate your ticket. Once you have activated it, it doesn't rely on using any mobile data/WiFi - but will require you to 'check-in' to the internet every three days. The mTicket will have a QR code that you simply scan under the reader when boarding the bus.

Important - please ensure that your phone's time and date is set to the system time/date. If you have your phone set at a different time, the tickets may not activate or be able to be scanned and you may be asked by the driver to buy a new ticket.

Once you have activated a ticket on your phone you will not be able to use it on any other device. If you have an issue with the app, please contact us before uninstalling. If you uninstall and reinstall the app, your ticket will disappear as the reinstall will 'wipe' the activated ticket. 

Please note, if you run out of battery before you board the bus, you will have to buy another ticket before being allowed to board. Allowing your battery to run out when using an mTicket and asking to travel would be like asking the driver to let you travel if you left your pass at work.

Due to mTickets needing to be scanned, we do not accept tickets on tablets as they are usually unable to be positioned under the reader to be scanned. Please only use mTickets on mobile phones.

plan your journey

If you aren't sure how to get from A to B, our app can help! You can use our journey planner to find a stop, or a geographical area, to go from and to and it will tell you which buses you need to get and when. We are working on the journey planner constantly to ensure that it gives you the best results so keep checking for updates as we make this function even better!


You can also check your timetables in the app - simply find your route from the list. You can search by day, so you can be sure that you are seeing the right journeys for the day you want to travel! You can also see the timetable by 'major stops' or expand it out to include all stops so you can find your own stop. 

things to do

A great feature on our app is 'things to do.' This shows you events and attractions in the local area that you can get to by bus, giving you more reasons to travel with us.

service alerts

We have also incorporated our Twitter feed into the app so you can check whether there is any disruption to your route without having to have a twitter account! We will be looking at providing even more information on disruptions on the next version of the app.
download for free today

The new app is absolutely free to download and is available in both the app and play stores now! Just search 'Reading Buses'!

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