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about our fares

We operate a flat-fare policy in the simplyReading area (most of our buses stay in the simplyReading area apart from jet black, lime 2, leopard 3/10, lion 4/X4, pink 25 and service 7 - click for a map of network including the boundary) meaning you pay the same fare regardless of how many stops you travel. This makes it easy for you to know your fare before boarding.
We also operate and exact fare policy, meaning our drivers don't give change. This helps to keep buses on time and our drivers safe. 
You can choose to pay on the bus or in advance on a smartcard. Advance fares usually give you the best savings.

on the bus tickets

You can buy the following from the drivers when you get on the bus.
Single ticket - this is valid for the trip you are making there and then. Only valid for that journey.
All-day ticket - As the names suggests, this is valid all day. It gives you unlimited travel on all our buses within the specified area on that day. Just show the driver this ticket whenever you travel. Perfect for bus-hopping! We also recently replaced all returns in the simplyReading area with reduced price day tickets - making them even better value!
7 day ticket - Perfect for the regular traveller. It gives you unlimited travel in the specified area for 7 consecutive days. If it is a paper ticket, show it to the driver whenever you travel. If you use a smartcard, put the card on the reader (the little box with a yellow top) and wait for the green light and the beep.  
We also have plenty of special offers on-bus - have a look at the offers page to find out if there's one for you.

Outside the simplyReading area, buses use a fare stage system, meaning the price you pay depends on how far you travel. Each of these fare stage tables can be found on our on the bus fares page.

Advance ticket types

period passes - consecutive days

Our period passes activate from the first time you use them on the bus (except 365 passes, see below). They then 'count down' the days consecutively until the end of the period (e.g. a 7 day pass first used on Monday will expire at end of service on Sunday.) If you top-up a pass before your current one expires, it will stay on your card as long as you don't use it - this means you can top-up a card before you need to and it will be ready to use when you need it. Period passes give unlimited travel within their specified area  - so a simplyReading pass gives you travel on all of our buses within the simplyReading area, but if you want to go outside of this, you would need a simplyNetwork pass.
The period passes we offer are generally:
7 day
30 day
90 day 
365 day (not available as Solo)
These passes are designed for people who make return journeys more than three times a week. For example, if you take the bus to and from work four times a week in the simplyReading area, four day tickets would cost £16, but a 7 day ticket is just £15 online. You can then also use the bus on other days as well, giving you even better value. If you commute every weekday, then you save even more.
Please note, due to the nature of the cards, a 365 day card cannot be topped up online - either go to the bus shop or buy a new card online. The annual cards also have a fixed start date - unlike other period passes, they are already active once bought and don't wait until first use. This is due to the technical specifications of this card. 

10 trip tickets - occasional travellers can save

We also offer 10 trip tickets, grouped under the '-saver 10' name. These tickets allow you to buy single journeys in batches of 10 at a discount against the normal on-bus single fare. This started with easysaver 10 and has been rolled out as other products such as solosaver 10 for under-19s. All of these products are only valid in the simplyReading area with the exception of opensaver 10, which has been created as a 'network' version of the easysaver 10. 
The '-saver 10' products we offer are:
easysaver 10 - for adults who travel in the simplyReading area
boostsaver 10 - for under-19s who travel in the simplyReading area

Football and rugby fares

As football and rugby buses are not part of our normal network offering, they do not come under the normal fare structure. This means that our normal tickets and smartcards do not work on these services. For the specific fares relating to these buses visit our football or rugby pages.

For terms and conditions on our fares, please click here.